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Pure Storage

​First there was the disk, then there was the hybrid flash and now All Flash Array. Being able to increase the speed is important for enterprise companies. With Pure Storage All Flash Array, customers get one of the most sophisticated and technically robust in-demand technologies to market.

June 1, 2015 launched the Pure Storage three innovations to its product portfolio: Evergreen Storage, Flash Array // m and especially Pure1.

Overall was the launch of the first fully optimized All-Flash Array system, upgraded in both hardware and software, and a new cloud-based management system - all in one.

Pure Storage delivers thus the first All-Flash Array system with complete end-to-end integrated hardware and software. Flash Array // m are equipped with an architecture which can be upgraded into sections and provides an increase in performance as high as 50%. It also shows the 2.6-fold improvement in density and 2.4-fold improvement in performance per. TB. compared to previous Flash Array generations.

Pure Storage differentiate themselves from the competition by offering a product that is easily accessible and can simultaneously handle massive amounts of data without any performance penalty.

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Jari Mikkonen
Senior Sales Manager - Lenovo HW
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