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TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group
Launched in 2014, TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group is a strategic growth business within TCS that helps customers undergo critical digital transformations with modular, scalable and fully integrated, industry-tailored licensed software and solutions. Industries served are Cities, Retail, Communications and Banking and Financial Services. These four markets have a particularly urgent need to adopt emerging technologies to enhance customer intelligence capabilities and rapidly shift product and service offerings to compete in highly competitive and customer-centric arenas. For more information, visit the TCS
website or the Digital Software & Solutions Group page on LinkedIn.
TCS DS&S Group’s Customer Intelligence & Insights is integrated customer analytics software that collects and analyzes large volumes of data in real time to enable banks, retailers and communications service providers deliver exceptional customer experiences at every step of the customer journey, quickly and cost effectively. Intelligent Urban Exchange is integrated software that provides cities, utilities and transportation operators with real-time, actionable insights that help them improve services in critical urban domains such as water, transportation and energy. Connected Intelligence Platform is an end-to-end data management and analytics platform built on open source technology that quickly transforms raw data into actionable insights.



Mikael Siitonen
Business Unit Director
+358 407 757 776